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June 2016

Numéro Euroreference 1

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Inter-laboratory comparisons

Article Organisation of proficiency testing and other activities of the European Union Reference Laboratory for chemical elements in food of animal origin (EURL-CEFAO)
Article Advantages of proficiency test items utilising real food matrices
Article The provision of proficiency testing for TSE rapid tests by the APHA
Article How to do more with limited resources: the example of a shared quality management system for the organisation of inter-laboratory proficiency tests in the French Plant Health Laboratory

Method validation

Article Experience in developing generic guidelines for method validation applicable in the areas of animal health, plant health, and food safety
Article Eurachem guidance on validating analytical methods

Eurachem is a network of organisations within Europe that focuses on promoting the reliability of measurement results in analytical sciences and fostering good laboratory practices.

Article Determination of trace and essential elements in honey by quadrupoleinductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry

Method development

Article Discovery and diagnosis of new viral pathogens: proposal for a generic workflow based on next-generation sequencing and new integrated data analysis approaches
Article Development of a UPLC-MS/MS method for determination of mycotoxins in animal Feed
Article Prospective study on MALDI-TOF technology for the identification and characterisation of phytopathogenic fungi


Article Summary of the 3rd Workshop for Heads of Plant Pest Diagnostic Laboratories