Euroreference : Aims and Scope

Aims and Scope 

EuroReference is an online journal, published twice a year, in English (UK).

EuroReference aims at facilitating information dissemination and sharing among all referencing stakeholders in Animal Health, Plant Health and Food and Drinking Water Safety at European level.

EuroReference focuses on scientific knowledge and news and deals with numerous issues concerning reference lab activities: laboratory diagnostic and analytical methods, validation studies, standard and reference materials, reagent standardisation, inter-laboratory comparisons, scientific and technical results as well as European and international projects or networking in the area, regulations governing reference activities, standardisation and quality assurance, etc.

It contains news, comments, letters, dispatches and scientific and technical original or review papers.

As a common forum for the members of the networks of reference laboratories and all the players concerned, it is especially geared to diagnostic and analytical laboratories (particularly those focusing on public health), National and EU Reference Laboratories, Ministries, and other bodies interested in Animal and Plant Health and Food and Drinking Water Safety lab activities.